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The Wind Singer (Wind on Fire Trilogy)

The Wind Singer (Wind on Fire Trilogy)

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Harry Potter, stand back! Philip Pulman, get your coat! The Hath family has arrived! Hanno, Ira, Bowman, Kestrel and Pinpin Hath are an unhappy family in the world of Aramanth, ruled over by Maslo Inch and his Examiners. Life there is strictly regulated. From the age of two, every citizen must sit regular examinations, the results of which dictate the entire family's social standing, right down to what they can wear. Everyone must live by the Oath of Dedication, they must 'strive harder to reach higher.' But there is no soul in Aramanth and Kestrel and her twin brother are becoming increasingly rebellious. Kestrel is drawn to the wind singer, an ancient statue which stands in the city's square which, myth has it, used to sing until the evil spirit lord, the Morah, stole its voice. Somehow Kestrel knows that to restore happiness to Aramanth, she must restore the voice of the wind singer. She embarks on a dangerous and thrilling mission with Bowman but they also find Mumpo in tow. Mumpo is the school dunce who nobody likes but who adores Kestrel. As their journey progresses, they pass through many diiferent lands and meet some very strange races. Each step of the way they learn th

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Title - The Wind Singer (Wind on Fire Trilogy)

Edition -

Author -

ISBN 13 - 9781405209908

Imprint - Egmont Books Ltd

Publisher - Egmont UK Ltd

Date Published - 17/07/2003

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No. of pages -

Binding Type - Paperback

Dimensions - 131 x 199 x 23mm

Weight - 278 g

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