Welcome to Reuseabook, where we re-write new endings for old books.

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About Us

We’re a dedicated team of book-lovers based in Gloucester in the UK, and we have a single simple aim - to give each book that comes into our care a new lease of life.  Our business is based on collecting books from all four corners of the U.K. and preventing them from being thrown away into landfill. Instead, we get them back into the hands of book-lovers across the globe.

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It’s the perfect ending, where these precious books are no longer wasted – closing the loop on a more circular economy, reducing environmental impact and all the while offering our customers great prices for second-hand books that are ready to be loved again. We partner with charities, businesses and organisations who have books that they are looking to move on. We work with publishers, booksellers, and both online and store retailers too – buying books that have reached the end of their business process, and breathing new life into them through our online channels across the world.

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We’re built to deliver ethical and sustainable solutions for books. Our “nothing to landfill”, and our “a use for everything” philosophies are guiding principles, and in a business landscape where transparency and sustainability are often searched for and not always found, we’re a trusted partner for both charities and businesses who need to move their stock on, reliably and ethically.  

We’re a straightforward bunch here at Reuseabook. We’ve got some great people here - a diverse and lovely group who love working with books, who roll their sleeves up every day, and who work hard to ensure that collectively we are doing the very best that we can to deliver our promise to give new chapters to old books.  That is, after all, what we are here for!