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The Day Aberystwyth Stood Still (Louie Knight Mystery 6)

The Day Aberystwyth Stood Still (Louie Knight Mystery 6)

Malcolm Pryce

In the latest hilarious instalment of Malcolm Pryce's Aberystwythmysteries, Wales's answer to Philip Marlowe faces an axe-wieldingrabbit-hugger, a green-eyed beauty who answers to the name Miaow, and a casethat is out of this world
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It is May in Aberystwyth, and the mayoral election campaign - culminating in the traditional boxing match between candidates - is underway. Sospan the ice-cream seller waits in his hut for souls brave enough to try his latest mind-expanding new flavour, and Louie Knight, Aberystwyth's only Private Detective, receives a visit from a mysterious stranger called Raspiwtin asking him to track down a dead man.Twenty-five years ago Iestyn Probert was hanged for his part in the notorious raid on the Coliseum cinema, but shortly afterwards he was seen, apparently alive and well, boarding a bus to Aberaeron. Did he miraculously evade the hangman's noose? Or could there really be substance to the rumours that he was resuscitated by aliens?Now, as strange lights are spotted in the sky above Aberystwyth and a farmer claims to have had a close encounter with a lustful extraterrestrial, Iestyn Probert has been sighted once again. But what does Raspiwtin want with him? And why does Louie's investigation arouse unwelcome interest from a shadowy government body and a dark-suited man in a black 1947 Buick?

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Title - The Day Aberystwyth Stood Still (Louie Knight Mystery 6)

Edition -

Author - Malcolm Pryce

ISBN 13 - 9781408810255

Imprint - Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

Publisher - Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

Date Published - 01/08/2011

Prize -

No. of pages -

Binding Type - Paperback

Dimensions - 153 x 234 x 19mm

Weight - 387 g

Languages - English