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Brexit Without The Bullshit: The Facts on Food, Jobs, Travel and the NHS

Brexit Without The Bullshit: The Facts on Food, Jobs, Travel and the NHS

Gavin Esler

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'Punchy, pithy and short.' – POLLY TOYNBEE, GUARDIAN COLUMNIST

'In an ideal world every citizen would read this essential book, and think hard.' – PROFESSOR AC GRAYLING, ACADEMIC

The broadcaster and journalist Gavin Esler reveals the long-lasting impact of the most momentous change in Britain for decades. In seven succinct chapters, he charts the profound changes brought about by leaving the European Union on key areas of life in the United Kingdom:

Food and diet
Health and NHS
Jobs and industry

From the food markets of Kent to NHS operating theatres to the boardrooms of big employers, Brexit is packed with surprises. And Brexit Without the Bullshit is not about the Brexit you were told you were getting: it's about the one we're actually getting.

From the author of How Britain Ends and Britain is Better Than This, this is the ideal accompaniment to books on Brexit such as the Fintan O'Toole's Brexit Chronicles and Michel Barner's Secret Brexit Diaries.

Instead of concentrating on the Brexit referendum campaign, it uncovers the fundamental changes caused by Brexit - and what they mean for ordinary life.


'If you want a pithy, sober, clear-headed summary of what Brexit is actually likely to look like, @gavinesler’s new book is spot on. Such a welcome antidote to all the whipped up sentiment - calm, factual, rigorous.'


'Esler provides the evidence of what Brexit has already done to Britain and the harm that it s causing and will cause, in particular to the poorest in our society. A guide for all who want to understand what Brexit really means.'


'A brilliant demolition of the lies and liars that created the Brexit mess. Should be required reading at his old stamping ground, the BBC.'



In 2016 I did something I had never done before. I voted in the Brexit referendum without knowing what I was voting for or against. No one explained to me - or you - what Brexit would mean for our lives. Whether you voted Leave or Remain, we did not know the facts about Brexit, how it would affect our jobs, food, schools, universities, the NHS, our families, pets, travel arrangements, and even the supposed unity of the United Kingdom. In the years since the Brexit vote, the British government has continued to fail to explain the facts about Brexit, and so I decided to find out for myself. The result is my latest book, “Brexit Without The Bullshit.” 

At first I thought that if Brexit were stripped of the bullshit — lies and deceit, scare stories and fantasies — there would be nothing left. But the facts about Brexit are so stark, there’s plenty to discuss and think about. The key fact is this:  Brexit is not an event. It is a process. Whether it happens or not, whatever version of leaving the EU we end up with, we will be forced to discuss Brexit for years to come. If we are to survive and perhaps thrive, we need to start with the facts. 

Gavin Esler



Chapter 1. Brexit & Our Food

Chapter 2. Brexit, Our Health & the NHS

Chapter 3. Brexit, Our Money & Our Jobs

Chapter 4. Brexit & Our Children’s Education

Chapter 5. Brexit & Travel

Chapter 6. Brexit & Our Country

Chapter 7. A No Deal Brexit

The Boring Bits: Glossary and Endnotes


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Title - Brexit Without The Bullshit: The Facts on Food, Jobs, Travel and the NHS

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Author - Gavin Esler

ISBN 13 - 9781912454358

Imprint - Canbury Press

Publisher - Canbury Press

Date Published - 27/06/2019

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No. of pages - 176

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