Here at Reuseabook we understand that we have a part to play in addressing the issue of sustainability, and in creating a way of doing business that protects rather than destroys our planet.

The overarching current consumer mindset is one of  “buy, use, dispose”, a model that damages the environment and unnecessarily wastes products that still have plenty of life left to give.

We are determined to make a positive contribution to changing this mindset.

Our goal has been to build a business model that enables us to create a cycle of buying, selling and reusing for as many books as we can with the aim of eliminating waste entirely from the book sector.

With tens of thousands of books coming into our care every week, our team hand-picks through all of them, taking out anything that can be graded for resale and ensuring that where the damage is too great, the books are ethically and sustainably recycled back into pulp.

It’s a simple business model. It does take time, care and attention but we’re passionate about sending absolutely zero to landfill and doing our bit to save the planet, one book at a time.

Of the volumes we receive, roughly half of the books make it through our quality control criteria, where their condition is closely examined and noted – ensuring they are worthy of resale and ensuring that a potential customer has a clear understanding of the exact condition of their particular book.


The books that make it though and onto our warehouse shelves are then stacked and stored, and made available to avid readers and book worms around the globe through our online partner platforms. The remainder is sent onward to pulping plants for repurposing back into new forms of paper.

The moment that a customer chooses and orders their book, our team gets to work – locating each book from our large well-organised stock system. It’s picked, packed and posted in a flash and sent on it’s way to far reaching places such as Japan, Canada, and the US, or just as easily –  a street near you!


It’s what we do, and we love it – writing new chapters for every book.